Since 2015
Web Developer (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript)

riskmethods GmbH

Riskmethods develops a SaaS solution for supply chain risk management. The application is written in Ruby on Rails as the server side framework with big parts of the UI written in JavaScript using Backbone.js and recently React and Redux. A lot of the application logic is invisible to the user and is happening in background jobs. This includes interfacing to various third party services using a variety of APIs.

I am part of the development team and work on all areas of the application. This includes interfacing with third party services, building frontend JavaScript applications as well as the internal APIs they use. I'm increasingly focusing on the frontend part and I'm spear heading the rewrite of our Backbone code base in React and Redux.

Web Developer (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, SCRUM, Chef)

The Mobility House GmbH

The Mobility House was operating the selling and installing of the charging stations for BMW electric vehicles. The app used for this purpose uses a multi-step workflow system involving several parties (the car dealer, electrician, BMW headquarter, ...) that needs to be modeled in software. The project was based on Ruby on Rails 3.2, MySQL, Apache, and Phusion Passenger. The development was run using an agile process (1 week sprints, Kanban style board, weekly retrospectives, code reviews) with a distributed multi-national team. As the codebase was already a few years old emphasis was placed on improving the code quality through code reviews, refactorings, and tools like Code Climate.

I was part of the development team as an external contractor and also automated the setup of the server infrastructure using Chef solo.

Web Developer (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript)

Bonjour Bonjour

Bonjour Bonjour is a French startup that provides a localized social network on portable devices. I'm working on the server side API part which is written in Ruby on Rails. The work includes rewriting big parts of the application to allow for scalability, while at the same time not interrupting the operation of the service.


After writing the initial implementation in 2007, I'm now again working on this project. I develop (small) new features and I keep the site running as it should. This includes server maintenance and upgrades of the underlying software (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ...) as well as bug fixes.

Web Developer (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript)

Sir Syed Day 2012

A small web app for a single event. The homepage design was provided as a PSD file. I implemented it using Ruby on Rails, TypeKit fonts, and Twitter Bootstrap. The app also includes a ticket sales system with payments through Paypal and the app generates the personalized tickets as PDFs.

Web Analyzer

I maintained and developed new features of Web Analyzer (a Rails 3 app) as a subcontractor for NinjaConcept. This application visualizes data provided by an internal API using JavaScript charting libraries and also handles the signup and recurring payment processes that allow access to the API.

2009 - 2011
Web Developer (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript)


I maintained and developed new features of a medium sized (500k users) Ruby on Rails 2.3 application (Ruby, JavaScript, Haml, Sass, mySQL). I also developed several specialized backend services and visualization tools using Ruby on Rails, Sinatra and flot.

2007 - 2008
Web Developer (JavaScript)

Took over the development of the frontend JavaScript development (Prototype.js, custom libs) of A start-up that aimed to provide what's today probably called a Cloud OS (files, music, videos, ...). We also allowed users to write their own apps on top of the platform.

Web Developer (Ruby on Rails)

I wrote an introductory article on Ruby on Rails for the German magazine Linux Magazin and wrote the initial implementations of HeizoelPool and AutopolicenPool in Ruby on Rails.

2001 - 2007
Degree in Bioinformatics at TUM and LMU
Munich, Germany

Finished with a German Diplom (equivalent to a Master). The emphasis was on data mining and machine learning, which of course includes data visualization. Due to the large amount of data produced in this field of science I also know my way around big data.

1992 - 2001
Christoph-Probst Gymnasium
Gilching, Germany

Formal education according to the German school system. In the last year I started to teach myself C for the a mini thesis in biology (you have to do one those in the last year of school in Germany).